Shipping Policy

Shipping Options

  • a) What are the shipping options available?
i)  Normal Shipping / Courier:

Rizman Ruzaini currently uses several courier services such as PosLaju, J&T, DHL etc and will ship products based on the availability of couriers.

ii) As of currently, Rizman Ruzaini isn’t available for self pick-up.
  • b) Express / same day shipping:
Rizman Ruzaini doesn’t offer same day shipping as our products need to be sorted out at the HQ before being shipped out.
  • c) Local pickup:

No, please refer to a(i)


Shipping Costs (by weight)

  • Cost for Peninsular Malaysia:

The shipping costs will depend on weight of the products but the minimum cost for Peninsular Malaysia will be RM10 (minimum RM10)

  • Cost for East Malaysia:

The shipping costs will depend on weight of the products but the minimum cost for East Malaysia will be RM15 (minimum RM15)


Delivery Time

  • How long will it take for the products to reach the customers?

i)  Peninsular Malaysia:

Products will arrive approximately 7 - 14 days after order has been made. 


ii) East Malaysia:

Your products will arrive approximately 28 days after order has been made. 
  • On what day do we ship out the orders?
Shipment of products will depend on the type of product (ready stock, pre-order, made to order). But a minimum of 7 days is required to process the order. Thank you for your understanding.


Lost / Damaged Products

  • What happens when a product is lost or damaged in transit?

Rizman Ruzaini is not responsible for any damages that may be caused after products have been handed to courier services.

  • What if I received faulty and defective products?

Please refer to our Return & Exchange Policy (


International Shipping

  • Do we ship to other countries? If so, which countries?

Yes! We ship internationally. As of currently, the list of countries that we ship to are Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom. However, if your country is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

  • Courier services (DHL, Aramex, FedEx.. etc)

Our courier services for international shipping depend on the availability of the couriers.

  • Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges may vary depending on the courier services that are available at the time. However, the charges will be calculated and shown at the checkout.

  • How long will it take?

Duration to ship out the products will take a minimum of 7 days, however, the products might take a longer time to reach due to the courier services and Covid-19 restrictions. Thank you for your understanding.


Taxes and Import Fees (Only International)

  • Who will pay the taxes?

If any taxes or import fees are to be charged, Rizman Ruzaini is not responsible to cover those charges.

  • Are the taxes already included in the price of products in store?

The international taxes are not included in the price of the product.