About Us

Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Wan Jamil joined forces to
establish their brand, Rizman Ruzaini, is renowned for its intricate
craftsmanship, attention to detail and revered in society as couture and bridal
elegance designer, has now has taken a bold step.

The duo also widely known as RR has transcended its humble
roots to become a celebrated brand. While maintaining their illustrious
reputation amongst the who’s who in the fashion and entertainment industry,
they venture into a new realm—accessible fashion.

Recognizing the limitations of their elite clientele, Rizman
Ruzaini saw beyond the velvet ropes and set their sights on a wider audience.
Thus, "RR by Rizman Ruzaini" was born and embarked on its daring
mission to capture the hearts and minds of the mainstream offering accessible
luxury for every fashion enthusiast at more approachable price point.

While positioning its direction as the ultimate destination
for ready-to-wear fashion that offers a diverse array of timeless and classic
items and ensembles, accessible not just during festive seasons, but as a
perpetual source of style and sophistication.

As the brand's steadfast supporters, the masses inspire this
evolution of RR by Rizman Ruzaini ensuring a continuous fashion experience that
resonates with the diverse tastes of their clientele. Follow their journey on
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, as it redefines fashion
accessibility with style and grace.